Family Law in Utah

At Osmond Law, we understand the uncertainty that comes with the end of a marriage, and we understand the anxiety from trying to know what life would be like after divorce.

Whether you need your children’s rights protected or you need divorce mediation, we can provide you with legal help — tailored to your circumstances.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney in Utah?

The laws do not require you to have a lawyer represent you in a family law case. In fact, you have the right to represent yourself, and in the case of divorce, you can even download free forms on the Internet.

But a favorable resolution is best achieved with the help of an attorney who knows the full particulars of Utah family law.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated Family Law Attorneys

Our team of family law attorneys in Utah has handled many types of divorces, from uncontested, amicable divorces to serious matters that involve parental right terminations. We also handle cases involving child support and alimony.

Because we want to reduce the financial and emotional costs for you as possible, we aim to work through conflict resolution.

In addition, we are open with our clients. We tell you things you need to know rather than what you want to hear, so you can make sound decisions for you and your children.

We understand the emotional and financial aspects involved in family law matters, and we offer clients compassionate, knowledgeable, and objective advice.

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