Veteran’s Benefits

Utah is currently home to over 150,000 military veterans, according to the US Veterans Administration. Majority of these veterans served during war.

Veterans and their families can have access to numerous programs and benefits, which include education programs, housing, tax credits, job training, and employment opportunities. Many of them, however, are uninformed about their eligibility for an even wider scope of benefits even if they did not retire from the military.

Qualifications for Veteran’s Benefits

If a military veteran has served under a US military branch and has been honorably discharged from service, he os she is qualified to receive benefits. Veterans qualified to receive payments arethose who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), damaged spinal cords, hearing injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), visual impairment, and chemical exposure.

Widows of veterans may also receive disability benefits.

Further Veteran’s Benefits Assistance from Osmond Law

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